BB8 Droid Project.

Update! He has since been finished! (photo's below) Kk, so this is my ALMOST finished BB8 Droid, I have been working on it for about 3 weeks now and I am REALLY happy with how he is turning out. I still have details edging eye bulbs and antennas to put on but for some one… Continue reading BB8 Droid Project.

Unconventional Parenting

NoTime for Road Raging

Flying objects, physical violence and leaky poop diapers are no joke.

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Sir David Ramsey and My Husband.

Yesterday I decidedĀ  to go get David Ramsey's Total Money Makeover, as I was reading through it last night I realized *Reluctantly* that Ryan has been saying all of these things for years and I have been pleading the case of consumerism! *drops head in shame* My mini van has peeling paint on the hood… Continue reading Sir David Ramsey and My Husband.

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Comic Wall Art

Today I was at Walmart looking for sand paper for my BB8 project and I found a 6ft x 9ft canvas drop cloth for $10.00 ! I have been looking for this FOREVER! They are not too easy to find and I love making my own frames for canvases so this is awesome! I have… Continue reading Comic Wall Art

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Throwdown. Mom VS Son.

**my eyes squinted in that super evil glare and my mouth pulled into a hard flat line. I threw back the juice first, then the milk.*

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Storage for the renter.

As a renter you have you to get comfortable with putting holes in the walls, find your studs pull out your drill and make the space work for you.

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The Clever Parent Get’s The Sick Day.

As a parent you know that the world continues to revolve despite our protests and pleas when we are sick.

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my computer was recently savagely murdered my tiny 2 year old, lets just say she is lucky she's adorable

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The Bribe Bag

Deep in the shadowy crevasses of my purse there is a bag....the contents of this bag are sweet and sugary beyond belief...