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My Scatter Brains

scatter brain


My obscurity is something that has plagued me my whole life and is not very likely to change. It is something that can really get me in a lot of trouble if I don’t keep my self in check…

“I need to pay the bill’s! I said I would do that” **but what is that on the floor? it’s sticky**

*I’ll just pick that up, oh wait too many toys on the floor. Where did this apple come from, we haven’t had apples in the house for a week….ewwww*

3 hours, 2 loads of laundry and a solid vacuum later Ryan comes home from work…

Ryan- “Did  you pay the bills?”

Me- “…uhhhh….”

SOOO it is something that I have to constantly work on. Staying on track is really important especially when there are children that need to be fed, endless chores and general adulating to be done. For me I have learned that PRERPRATION is the key!!

*Be prepared, Be prepared, always be prepared* <- the song from Hoodwinked 😀 please say you sang that in your head.

  • Set out a weeks worth of school clothes for my oldest Sunday night.
  • Prepare breakfast smoothies 2 weeks at a time in the freezer so weekday breakfast’s are pretty much ready to go.
  • Snacks for the kids are prepared on the weekend and baggied up by Monday so during the week I can just throw popcorn at them and continue what ever I am doing.

Basically if I notice that something in my day is taking up valuable time I try to find a way to keep my self on track and away from the nonsense that distracts me EXPECIALLY when I have a project going on. I look at it like this, there are things that I want to accomplish, weather it is for today, this week, month or year. If I don’t do what I said I would do, then how can I ever expect any thing to ever get done or any one to ever count on me?

By flaking on my goals and my self I am jeopardizing my future and the bigger picture!

mind blownMind blown right!  I have to make plans and stick to them. Not to mention it’s kind of therapeutic, to know that you are at least ready for what you have planned for, therefor you can be better prepared for what you haven’t even thought about. Because as we all know life is basically made up 3/4ths of the unplanned.









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