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Recently I have been stressed out the WAZOO. We have to move soon, my computer was recently savagely murdered my tiny 2 year old, lets just say she is lucky she’s adorable.  I had it resurrected but it makes me sad that I had to pay for it… I have 2 birthdays this month and a BB8 droid replica to make.

Can I get a resounding UGGGHHHHH…

Usually when I am stressed out I jump head first into a project, paint something, or just get physical. Recently though nothing is really catching my attention. It’s just one thing after another. Even BB8 is giving me trouble.

SO out of pure desperation I visualized my Chakra’s in bloom today.

chakra2.jpgThe internet told me to do it and I decided it couldn’t hurt! I am not typically a fan of meditation but surprisingly it was nice! I did feel more calm and a little more centered. I have also started a morning Yoga routine (I am sure I’m not doing it right but I sure do try). Things can get hectic and when I am wound tight it rubs off on the kids. It’s best for every one involved that I stay nice and calm.

My goal as a mom, wife and general human being is to be the ROCK that stays fast regardless of the inevitable unpredictability that surrounds us. I think a lot of people hope for the same thing and it starts with remaining calm in uncomfortable situations.


Here are some things I do when I feel like I might explode:

  • paint
  • build something
  • exercise
  • meditate
  • read **this is a big one recently, when you cant do anything immediately to change a situation I try to take my mind to a different place**
  • play with the kids **when I get down on their level and appreciate the same things they do, or at least try, it helps my put things into perspective**
  • CLEAN **I am not naturally a clean freak, in fact I’m kind of messy but to make something that was dirty pretty again is therapeutic*

This is just what I do but it sure does help. It help’s me to be happy and cheerful because lets be honest anxiety sucks! If I indulge that sort of mood too long it can feel like nothing is going right and there is ALWAYS something to be thankful for 😀




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