Unconventional Parenting

The Bribe Bag

The bribe bag

I feel NO shame telling you that I use bribery negotiating and immense strategy getting these hooligans to behave in public.

Deep in the shadowy crevasses of my purse there is a bag….the contents of this bag are sweet and sugary beyond belief . It is a sugar addicts day dream. I pull out this delectable bag when ever they show signs of: restlessness, irritability, or all around mischief.

“If your good for mommy and just let me finish my errands I will give you all lots of candy” Then with hopeful eyes and a Cheshire cat smile I hold my breath hoping that they cant smell my desperation and fear…. **Take the candy**

98% of the time this works, I get my shopping done and dash to the register before the sugar starts to have a negative effect.





Since candy and sweets are something I don’t keep in the house on a regular basis this works for me and I use it to my full advantage! This works for long car rides also! A lot of my family lives more than an hour away so I will stock my bag with just about any tasty goodies I can find at the dollar store before a big trip and it works like a charm!

I will say though, I feel like I should amp it up, in actuality the bribe bag is lame… it is a plastic bag filled to the brim, in my head though it should look like one of these, you know there could be money in it, I might actually be apart of some underground smuggling ring. No one knows. It’s that shroud of mystery that really only exists in my head but HEY it makes me smile!suitcase 2




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