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Comic Wall Art

Today I was at Walmart looking for sand paper for my BB8 project and I found a 6ft x 9ft canvas drop cloth for $10.00 ! I have been looking for this FOREVER! They are not too easy to find and I love making my own frames for canvases so this is awesome! I have had an idea floating around my head for quite a while now and think once I finish the ever troublesome  BB8 I will reward my self by making some huge wall art for the kids room!


For the lovely Sophia I will be doing an old school comic book style version of Wonder Woman to go behind her bed! I love wonder woman and so does Sophie. I think she will pumped about it! I just hope she doesn’t decide my little pony’s are cooler. I know she’s only 5 but I think wonder woman is a good role model for a little girl! A strong confident and competent woman in charge! I like both of the poses above but I will chose one depending on her preference!

comboprider.pngFor Miles I decided to go with spider man, he love’s him and there is always a lot of movement even in his still poses so I think it will be fun. Now I know there are some cooler images floating around but he is 3 and I didn’t want anything too scary so I chose these 2 to decide between. Personally I am leaning for the first.

Soon I will get the wood I need for the frames and put it all together! :D:D I’m so happy about this! It’s a pretty straight forward project that will provide a HUGE impact for their room! I’m hoping to get them as vintage and legit as I can so wish me luck 😉


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