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Storage for the renter.


My husband and I are renters, soon we hope to save up enough money for a solid down payment on something nice but we have only just decided that Georgetown is the perfect place to raise the kids. SOOOO we still have one more move to one more rental home before that happens.

In 3 months our lease here is up and they are raising the rent :S So we decided it was time to find something a little more affordable, unfortunately rent here is CRAZY. You cant find a house with a yard to rent under $900.00 and that just happens to be our max. I do have a back up plan, incase I don’t find the rental house of my dreams. It is a duplex that is 1 bedroom short and smidgen smaller then our current home. That just means its a challenge! I never back down from a challenge! The main issue for me is there isn’t really a back yard. I love being outside, when the kid’s are kind of cranky there is nothing better then letting them run free and feel the grass between their little toes. BUT that’s why we have parks right!


  • Insulate garage so it becomes a useable bedroom/work space for Ryan and I.
  • Get a bunk bed so Sophie and Miles can share a room and Reagan can get the room closest to me(she is the only one who sleeps through the whole night ironically she is also the youngest.)
  • Invest in shelf’s.
  • I Love the peg board below! When they are done right they look really good and really clean. Not to mention you can use them for WAY more then just cups.
  • A make shift pantry is also something I really need, I never seem to have one but I really need it. The on in photo below slides in next to your fridge and makes use of that gap nicely. Let’s just say there is a mighty Home Depot trip in my near future.

kitchen .png

  • I am a HUGE fan of hanging Storage!!
  • ladders are a cool way to store and dry damp towels in the bathroom. Which is exactly why I pick them up when ever I see them at flea markets and yard sales. The old wooden ones really add nice dimension and interest to a room.


Pretty much anything that will help me get and stay organized is a blessing especially when you need to utilize every bit of space that you DO have.

As a renter you have you to get comfortable with putting holes in the walls, find your studs pull out your drill and make the space work for you. It’s easy so walk into a place and think…*wow, we will fill this up faster than I can get #2 down for a nap* BUT if you can get your brain to think a little less conventionally then things will work out just fine.

Besides, it’s for the GREATER GOOD…That’s what I have been told as least.

It’s also my new mantra.. Save now, get what you want later. btw patience

is not a virtue that I posses… so I’m working on it!



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