Unconventional Parenting

The Clever Parent Get’s The Sick Day.



As a parent you know that the world continues to revolve despite our protests and pleas when we are sick. I am not sick often but when I am I do what I can to ensure maximum couch time regardless of the mess.


Step one

Pull one of the kids twin mattress in the living room and lay it across the seat of the couch to the foot stool. This creates a bridge.

Step two

Gather all pillows and blankets from around the house and lay them around the couch, foot stool and bridge area so that WHEN some one falls, jumps or gets pushed off they are greeted with a soft fluffy landing rather than a hard floor.

Step three

With left over blankets make a tent! I like to separate the tent from the “bridge” so it last’s a little longer but for the most part they enjoy the grandeur of the set up and it’s a good hide and seek spot!

Step four

Choose a movie from your arsenal. I let them each take turns picking and every one is happy.

Step Five

Have at hand some fast and easy snacks. It undermines the whole resting process if you are on your feet in the kitchen preparing something fancy.

Step six

Lay in a somewhat comatose state on the couch for as long as you can and try to rest up! My kids love days like these! They have jumping contest’s into the moat of fluff that protects them, they throw popcorn around like confetti on new yeas eve and our dog Airtimes dutifully cleans their mess!

NOW there are some odds and ends that are helpful depending on your ailment. If you have a soar throat you might not want to yell or raise your voice so perhaps a spray bottle or a children’s voice distorter would come in handy?? All depends on what you have on hand!

…Spray bottles don’t really work on my kids… they like to drink out of it. I also take to throwing pillows at them to divert naughty behavior. It’s not always effective,

Me- “If you push her one more time I will throw this pillow at you!”

Miles-*looks at fluffy white pillow with it’s soft fluff ball edging* “ohh no, not the pillow”

Its amazing how much sarcasm a 3 year old can pack in one sentence.

ANYWAY, it’s all subjective.





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