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Sir David Ramsey and My Husband.

Yesterday I decided  to go get David Ramsey’s Total Money Makeover, as I was reading through it last night I realized *Reluctantly* that Ryan has been saying all of these things for years and I have been pleading the case of consumerism! *drops head in shame*


My mini van has peeling paint on the hood and despite the fact that it runs just fine I want a newer car so that I’m not the only jalopy on the street.


I know what we can afford, but as I skim through the pages of I find my self justifying a mortgage payment that would cripple us because I would love the extra space.

In this family I am not the money savey individual I want to be.

Ryan keeps my impulse purchases at bay and for that I am thankful.

Let me just say this though, retail therapy is no joke, a bad day can be completely transformed by 30 min at my local thrift store and even though I have only spent $20.00 that is $20.00 that could have been put in the money jar I keep in my bedroom…the south east corner, because I follow the rules of feng shui!   :D:D


I want to be better with money and start following the “common sense” principals that work for so many people. Save for what you want. Live below your means. Avoid lines of credit.

It’s easy for me to say this now and forget about it, but in 3 months when the time to move arises I hope to have saved enough to not have to use any of the credit cards I just payed down. Or when my van kicks the bucket and I need to resist getting a car payment and save for vehicle that is reliable and has all paint intact.

The only issue is that while Ryan’s paycheck is enough for us to live on it would take a lot of time and a systematic rotation of priorities that don’t always line up to pay cash for all of the upcoming need’s. The obvious solution is for me to get a job right, other than what I do on ETSY.

It’s not always that simple. I love and cherish my title of stay at home mom and while I still have 2 little ones at home all day I’m not ready to lose that time with them. Soon they will be in school and it will be a different situation. SOOOO … I must make more money doing what I am doing!

There is always the living situation to, if we go out of town I can find something much cheaper but that is away from the great school my daughter goes to and the friends we have made here.


My horoscope for the year states “If you can handle being uncomfortable this year you will do great things.” ….how uncomfortable should I let my family get?


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