BB8 Droid Project.


Update! He has since been finished! (photo’s below)

Kk, so this is my ALMOST finished BB8 Droid, I have been working on it for about 3 weeks now and I am REALLY happy with how he is turning out. I still have details edging eye bulbs and antennas to put on but for some one who cant even draw a proper circle it’s nice to know I can at least make one! This is a special order on my ETSY shop. Oddities HLD

You should definitely check us out! I must say, this project has made me grow and learn a lot more than I have with the last few things I have created. It is a lot more challenging to try an replicate something exactly than to create on a whim. On the flip side though it’s nice to have a relative plan 😀 Which I kind of have sometimes, not always though.


Wish me luck! Hopefully he will ready to go in a few more days! Btw, if there is any one out there that has a need for a droid let me know!


BABAM!!! Done! Only took me FOREVER, thank goodness I was working for a very understanding client!


Please bear in mind this was my first attempt at something like this and the next one I do will no doubt turn out better, but I’m pretty happy with him! 😀

bb8 head


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