Unconventional Parenting

NoTime for Road Raging



Yesterday I was on my way to the store with someone, this someone I shall not name but let me tell you she suffers from road rage like no one ever before. She yell’s, screams and  uses fingers and arms to convey messages!  A while back I saw this news clip of road ragers  getting chased down and beaten up by the other car. Ever since, when ever I do get angry I just remember that lesson.

You may be angry but the people in the other car could be CRAZY. 

But it made me think…*why don’t traffic and oblivious drivers bug the crap out of me* And then, as if to answer my question a rouge chicken nugget from 3 days ago (apparently stashed some where) flew through the air and wacked me in the back of the head.

“Where did that even come from guys?”

My car rides usually involve conversations like this:

“Why does it smell like poop! Who pooped!?”

“Miles Emmerson If you bite her ONE more time, so help me I will come back there!”



“No, we can not drive to china because our car does not turn in to a submarine like the one in Despicable Me 2. I’m sorry.”

Then we usually break into song and some fancy seated dancing moves by the time we get to our destination. So, while I pay attention to traffic enough that I don’t kill us all, the dangers inside the car are ALMOST as pressing.

Flying objects, physical violence and leaky poop diapers are no joke.

**Super serious face**





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