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Problems with food

I was on pintrest this afternoon, and i saw a "thinsperation" pin on my feed that just looked too thin, so I clicked on it to see what was up. It turned out to be a pro-anna link and it made me so sad... In my early 20's I developed terrible eating habits that slowly… Continue reading Problems with food


Perfection: The greatest Falicy

  I can at times be accused of being a perfectionist... my argument to such statements is "I am not a perfectionist I just NEED this to be a certain way." but it's true, sometimes I get SO caught up with getting things a certain way (more often than not about the things I make)… Continue reading Perfection: The greatest Falicy

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On being a little differnt.

When you find your solid foundation, what ever it may be it gives you strength to care less about what people who don't know you think.

Stress managment

Organic Relaxation

This never ending horrible month has done a number on me. Between vital technology dying and just bad luck I have decided that I have definitely been hexed/cursed/voo-do-dolled or been the victim of a horrible JUJU attack! SOOOO I decided to DEEP clean the entire house starting in the kitchen ending by flipping my mattress… Continue reading Organic Relaxation


Technological kryptonite

Guys, this isn't my month. I JUST spentĀ $300 fixing my cracked computer screen, I go to adjust the screen today as im updating the etsy shop and thats when it happend. That bright almost painful streak of white rips from corner to corner right across the center. Slowly the image on the screen fades into… Continue reading Technological kryptonite

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Serieous Adulting

I need to be told no every now and then and now its me telling my self no.

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Stuffed Fish!


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Thought VS Reality

Working on commission vs making what you like and selling.


Mexican Suprise Burgers!

AKA I REALLY need to go grocery shopping and I'm winging it!

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Shipping Woes

Some times I think I should rename my blog, "All the things you shouldn't do based on the life experiences of Bri."