Success is scary.

The pains of trying.

There are 2 options, try to accomplish big dreams reach high and risk big falls or play it safe don’t put your self out there. Lose nothing but gain nothing. As I get older I am getting over my fear of rejection and disapproval. I’m coming to realize if you don’t ask for what ever it is that you want the answer will always be no.

Success can be scary. Even just the concept can be frightening. It put’s you front and center open and exposed. Maybe these aren’t issues for every one but for me these issues are more daunting than the hard work and dedication it takes to get there.

I have tried many things, especially these last few years to try and bring in money from home… some worked some CRASHED AND BURNED. Pretty much any work from home internet “Job” was either a waste of time and or money. On a whim (Don’t be like me nd try to create a business on a whim.) I decided to start an organic lotion/oil and body scrub line and I worked really hard at it, I did a lot of research invested a lot of money and lost every cent of it :(:(

In fact the only thing I have ever made money off of is my art. I have sold paintings, and sculptures and picture frames.


So I guess that is what I should stick to! This is one of the paintings I sold. It was huge, it was 2 panels 6ftx9ft. I loved these paintings! In this picture they weren’t quite finished but they turned out pretty well.

Part of me wishes there was more of a reliable clean cut way for me to succeed, unfortunately/fortunately that wouldn’t be my style. I am messy and haphazard and always try really hard no matter how impossible the task at hand may be. In fact the more impossible it seems the more inclined I am to take on the task!


This is something I made one day because I had some free time and thought it would be an interesting shape. Why I decided on the color scheme is beyond me. :D:D But Hey, it is one of the things that sold sooo… I guess it wasn’t a bad idea. The trouble with this stuff is, you need to make things to create your portfolio but if they don’t sell you are then left with a bunch of random mixed media animal heads laying around…


There were originally 4 birds all different colors and I was able to sell or give them away for Christmas!bird.jpg I really liked making these. Once the base was made I cut each individual feather, glued it on and then painted the whole thing.

In fact I love making birds. I have made and sold 2 Owls, made but not sold a Giant swan… the lesson there is BIGGER is not always better!

I don’t want to become a famous artist, that by no mean is my goal I just want to make a living doing what I like to do. Doing the sort of job that works well with my brain! 😀


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