Creating: Paper Flowers


  I simply adore paper flowers! There is something about them that makes my heart skip a beat. There is a sense of whimsy and magic that they bring to the table . Another thing that I love about them is that any one and every one can make them. The exact same pattern and paper but they will always turn out differently. We all have different aesthetics and touches. I believe it is a true art form. When I look at them I see a painting come to life!

My favorite part of making these is the shaping of the petals, that’s the point where a flat piece of paper becomes something entirely different.

My least favorite part id making the greenery BUT in my opinion that is also a crucial part of the process. Your eyes need a break from all of the color, other wise you cant tell when one ends and the other starts.


The only thing I hope to change about my bouquets are that I want them a little looser. A little more haphazard and natural! I make these during my down time from Oddities HLD, when ever I don’t haave any projects going on. They keep my hands busy and my mind relax. There really isn’t anything frustrating about these lovely little things :D:D


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