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Shipping Woes


After a month of building (from scratch, WITHOUT a fancy 3D printer) sanding priming painting and LOVING the BB8 droid it left my possession and went on to do great things with his new owner…. only to be CRUSHED, literally by the shipping company!!!!

I have a love for the things I make, I feel for them especially when I am proud of them! BB8 is unfixable and like a dummy I did not put insurance on it! AAGGGHHHH… yes, I have been walking around making angry belligerent sounds since last night when I found out.

The guy I was making it for is the nicest sweetest person ever and there is no way I was going to say “Sorry not my fault or problem.”

Sooo… I’m making another one for free and sending it out as soon as I can. Luckily I made just enough money off of him to cover the cost of materials but the shipping company is not going to help cover the shipping cost’s for the new one….

the silver lining here is that I’m going to be able to make it better this time. Less guess work and silently praying over BB8 hoping that he doesn’t collapse.


Life is challenging. Some times I think I should rename my blog, “All the things you shouldn’t do based on the life experiences of Bri.” and I totally would, but that would be a really longĀ  name…

So ladies and gentleman, the moral of this story is:


Don’t be like me…



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