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The Bliss of Inspiration

I have to say, I love my life. As I type my husband and our best friend are playing guitar and violin, it is late and the lights are dimmed. Wine is flowing and creativity is saturating the air. This is a beautiful moment. We have so many of them here, filled with love and music and creativity. This is the life I always wanted for my self. This is the life that fits my dreams.

I wish I could have this all of the time. Unfortunately our musical companion lives far away and only visits for short periods of time. This beautiful duet is a short lived but cherished. I hope I can become 1/2 as talented in my life as they are now. I want to make people feel what they make people feel. I want to inspire the way they do and they are just messing around but it is absolutely beautiful. listening to them charges me, it gives fuel to my fire and challenges me. I can make beautiful things to! I can be awesome….

I am a very lucky woman to be surrounded by so many talented people and not just the musical ones. My family is filled with artists, builders and creators. None of us fully grasping how truly wonderful we are, I guess that’s why we have each other.

Each of us feeding the need to create and pushing us all closer to greatness.




1 thought on “The Bliss of Inspiration”

  1. How refreshing to read that someone is happy with what they have, right there, right then, and not pining for the happiness that apparently comes from what you don’t have. Really lovely post. I’m inspired. Thank you 🙂 x

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