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Serieous Adulting


Stock options

Savings accounts

Ryan and I will be turning 30 this year and although it has taken us this long to get these things in order I am at least pleased that we are finally doing them!

  • Panera Bread offers a really great 401k option so here in the next month we will be setting that up.
  • At the same time we will be buying into Panera stock.
  • 2 weeks ago we opened up our very first SAVINGS account (that didn’t involve a mason jar) and are automatically drafting a set amount into it every paycheck.

There is a HUGE difference between being tight because you have a sort of Yo Yo effect with your money (over spending because you have money, then having to rearrange every thing because you over spent.) and being tight now so you have money later.


It makes me excited to not spend money knowing that ultimately I will be getting what I want most. I want 0 debt, and a GREAT down payment on a house with a little bit of land/really huge yard.

Probably one of the BEST things about this whole financial fast we are embarking on is that Ryan and I are on the same page, we both have the same goal and are working together for the greater good. We are a really great team most of the time but he has a tenancy to try and make me happy weather or not it is a good financial decision, for which I love him EVEN MORE than before however I don’t always have the long term in mind when I want something.

I need to be told no every now and then and now its me telling my self no.

Resentment can grow quickly in a marriage for a whole slew of reasons and finances wreak more marriages than any thing. By doing this together we are turning a potential weakness into a strength! That’s what great relationships are about right, rising to greatness together.



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