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Stuffed Fish!

Guys!! I saw the COOLEST thing on Pinterest this morning!! They are super simple stuffed fish!  I love things like this. The kids can play with them and there are no batteries, no noises, it really sparks the imagination. WHO COULDNT USES THESE!


Not to mention I would like very much to whack the next person that makes me angry with a fish. Muwahahahahaha!

To be honest the fishies don’t look difficult to make at all. Despite how hard I try I can never seem to get really good at sewing.

I can alter my own clothes and make uncomplicated things like kimono’s but without trying so hard it makes me angry and busting out the ruler I am lost…

THIS HOWEVER is with in my realm and I am definitely going to be making these, once you get the body sewn together I would just take a white sharpie to it and draw on the designs! You could even let your little people draw some of the fishy details. It would give them a sence of accomplishment :D.. I might even sew magnets in the mouth so the kids can go “fishing”. Which is a really good idea! They/I would have a really great time doing that.

They have little magnetic fishing poles, right now they are fishing for the magnetic alphabet we keep on the fridge since they lost the fish that came with it so this is an awesome solution!

OOH and you could make them in all different sizes! this is such a fun project!




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