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Thought VS Reality

Working on commission vs making what you like and selling.


I thought working on commission would be awesome, it was going to save me time money and supplies AND I would be serving a direct purpose with direct action.


You lose nearly ALL of your creative freedom working commission (in my case I am¬†building a REPLICA)¬†and you still run the risk of not pleasing your client, ideas evolve and what people originally THINK they want can end up being something else entirely if you don’t stay on top of managing expectations.

Maybe I’m just not meant for replicas…It’s very stressful

I know this is all subjective based on the client and every situation varies. Perhaps I am just having a rough go of it right now, BUT I don’t see the facts changing too much. I have sold enough of my own things to know that freedom of expression with out someone else’s expectations on top of your own is really nice. Sure, there will be things you don’t sell, things even you give away or simply toss.

I guess you run risks either way…

I’m going to say this though. As soon as I finish this seemingly never ending job I will absolutely be painting something for me. Not for the kids or to sell. Something to hang behind my bed that makes me feel good, relaxed and happy!



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