Technological kryptonite

Guys, this isn’t my month. I JUST spent $300 fixing my cracked computer screen, I go to adjust the screen today as im updating the etsy shop and thats when it happend.

That bright almost painful streak of white rips from corner to corner right across the center. Slowly the image on the screen fades into pure static, colorful, painful, obliterating static.

I called the people who JUST replaced it, I told him what happened and asked if there was any kind of guarantee on their work since I hadn’t even had it back for a month.

Ultimately he said there was no warranty no guarantee on their work and im just going to have to deal with it… im really bummed about this.

Ryan though, being amazing suggested getting  a connector cable so I can use a regular monitor and my awesome friend just happened to have just the right cable at her house and let me borrow it! So at the moment my laptop is jimmy rigged to a monitor/flat screen tv… at this point im just thankful it still 1/2 way works.

In one sence im really lucky, lucky there are great minds and giving people around me. In the other im kryptonite to technology…it’s depressing.






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