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On being a little differnt.



I was just thinking about how it can be uncomfortable being different than the people around you, and that can be pretty stressful.

I remember when I was in middle school, it was time for jump rope for heart and it was a big deal to me.

We didn’t have the money to go and get a jump rope so my dad went to his work shop and whittled two handles, found some rope and put it all together. Looking back on this now I realize how fantastic they were, and how much I wish I still had them but then I was so nervous going to school knowing I would be distinguishably different from the rest of my peers.

It turned out great though, every one loved them and wanted to borrow them… but just the fear and anxiety I had not knowing if people would laugh at me or accept me. That was a big moment in my life. It shaped who I have become, being different is still scary, especially when you are putting your self out there on a regular basis but its on a different level now.

I’m confident in who I am. There are people who love me and accept me and think I’m awesome. When you find your solid foundation, what ever it may be it gives you strength to care less about what people who don’t know you think.

It is SO important to remember that other peoples negative opinions say SO MUCH MORE about how they see them selfs than how they see you.

SO be strong, be brave and BE YOU.



2 thoughts on “On being a little differnt.”

  1. This is an amazing post, you are so inspirational. P.S. I’m not crying from this story it’s just allergies 😉


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