Stress managment

Organic Relaxation


This never ending horrible month has done a number on me. Between vital technology dying and just bad luck I have decided that I have definitely been hexed/cursed/voo-do-dolled or been the victim of a horrible JUJU attack! SOOOO I decided to DEEP clean the entire house starting in the kitchen ending by flipping my mattress and spraying rose water over any thing that would absorb it (and just about everything in between)!

This place is CLEAN.

After a long grueling day of house purification (AKA spring cleaning) I was beat, so I decided a bath and some good music was in order.


Rose water bath, with organic Sea Salt. Baking soda and avocado oil face scrub, with a witch hazel and rosewater facial toner and rounding it all up with home made tea tree peppermint lotion.  Let me tell you, I feel good!

I’m hoping I can shake what ever my problem is. More than likely I’m spreading my self too thin, and paying the price, so it’s good to remind your self to go back to basics.

I always feel pampered when I treat my self to all the good stuff in my organic arsenal. Due to my dabbling in the organic body care EXTRAVAGANZA I now have a ton of really great healthy products that work really well for my sensitive, temperamental skin! 😀

If you are interested in any recipes let me know I have become quite well versed in what works for sensitive skin.

I was the willing guine pig!



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