Perfection: The greatest Falicy


I can at times be accused of being a perfectionist… my argument to such statements is “I am not a perfectionist I just NEED this to be a certain way.” but it’s true, sometimes I get SO caught up with getting things a certain way (more often than not about the things I make) that I never actually FINNISH them! The best thing I ever did for my productivity is realize that perfection is a great motivational factor but absolutely not something you should let drive your life.

If we were all perfect we would all be little lemmings walking around doing the exact same thing and we would be absolutely boring as a whole.

Our imperfections are what makes us unique and binds us together as a unit. We seek in others what we lack as individuals. In my opinion its a beautiful symbiotic relationship that bonds us to the ones we love so much.

My best friend, Ryan (the husband) has all of the qualities I lack. He is logical and pragmatic and realistic. He lives in reality and grounds me so I dont fly away.

If we were perfect we wouldnt need each other. If we are waiting for perfection before compleation we will be waiting forever.





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