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being alone.

Ive got to say I love being alone. I know I need to socialize and network and meet people and not just for me but because it makes life more interesting for my kids AND I am trying but times like this right now where the kids are asleep, ryan is at work and I am ALL alone with my night cap is awesome.

I am dressed in clothes I like, I did my make up how I like it, I am listening OBSESSIVLY to music I like. It’s funny the things you take for granted, the little things that are easy to forget but make the biggest difference. Life is hard and complicated and I cant talk my way out of it or lessen the blow they just are what they are and as a non-confrontationalist it’s been SUPER hard to deal with.

Well, more hard to address than to deal with I suppose. Regardless it makes  these quiet moments all the more cherished.

I remember before the kids were born I would sit for hours painting or listening to music, both usually and there were no time constrictions. I knew when I had to work next and that was it! Not to say I don’t love my time with them. It is just really important to make sure you get that you time I suppose.



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