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Officially 30


This month I turned 30 and to be honest I couldn’t be more happy about it! Don’t get me wrong my 20’s were fun and hard and exciting and filled with change and new adventures but this new decade brings hope of a little more stability and a whole new pace.

The kids are getting older. I no longer live in a multi generational home and career wise I feel like I have learned a lot, so I thought I would share a few things that I have learned over the years. Things I have messed up and had to realize the hard way, because that’s just how I roll ;p

1.) It’s not all about you and how you feel.

If there is something or some one in your life doing something that you don’t like you NEED to ask your self, “What is best for this person/ situation? Is it my place to say anything? Is this something they just have to do to learn from?  ” and then there is always that one possibility… “Maybe I don’t know enough about the situation to have an opinion.”

2.) You know so little.

In my 20’s I liked to believe that I was on top of things and I knew what I needed to know, now I realize that what I was on top of most of the time was a heaping pile of BS that was about to fall with me right in the middle. :/   There is ALWAYS something to learn from those around you. Take it all in.

3.) You have to say no some times.

It is good to SET BOUNDRIES and respect your self and your time. The general rule is that people will take what ever they can get away with. That hasn’t changed. There is also that matter of over obligating your self and being flaky. Consult your planner/calender and know your limits.

4.) Be nicer than you feel.

I have never felt bad about speaking kind words. I always regret things I have spoken in anger. Feelings pass but once those words are out you cant take them back.

5.) Middle man is a hard part to play, if you can avoid it absolutely do!

I have ben the middle man longer than I care to admit so believe me when I say let people deal with their own shit. You aren’t helping ANY ONE by running around behind every one and smoothing things over. I know its scary to let a situation run it’s course with out your influence BUT if you do this you will just end up with an ulcer and every one else will still be acting weird because they are hearing information second hand and don’t fully understand the situation THEY are in.

6.)  Take care of your self.

If you treat your body and mind poorly it will show. You will end up with a bad attitude and wrinkles.

7.) Let things go.

Dwelling on a negative situation is the worst. Things happen and we move on and try really hard not to let it happen again. Don’t lay in bed at night stressing over something that is OVER and DONE WITH. Manifest some good happy thoughts be thankful for all the good and decide to make tomorrow awesome. It’s a lot harder to do then say I know but what isn’t.

8.) Listen to music and dance.

This one is a favorite of mine. Really really happy? Sad? Worried? Find a good song and really realllly get into it. It’s cathartic I swear. I’m talking 100% commitment to what ever song, tune, beat. Don’t worry about feeling silly.

9.) Enjoy where you are.

We all have aspirations and goals and not a lot of us are there completely. Weather you are at work, at home with the kids out side working WHATEVER find the beauty, the fun, the irony. Nothing is the same for long so try really hard to enjoy what you have now.

 10.) It really does all happen for a reason.

Some of my hardest decisions and journeys have brought me to where I am now. Have faith and go with your flow. It might not always seem like it but things will always work out the way they should. Be kind and try really hard. The rest usually works it’s self out.




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