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The choices we make.

Every single day we are faced with choices. Big and small easy and hard. Recently I have been looking at a bunch of what feels to me to be very difficult ones. Choices that put me WAAAYYYY out of my comfort zone, choices that are in a lot of ways no win.

At the end of the day though we just have to make the choice we can live with. The ones that wont haunt us in the years to come or make us hang our heads in shame.

It’s funny how much can change SO quickly…when more than likely it took you a really long time to get to where you are, or were. ALAS! All is not lost! Physical things, possessions are not an indicator of who you are as a person or where you are going in life. I need to feel good about my heart and my mind. I need to know I made the very best choice for me and my family

Plus Karma is real! I would rather ere on the safe side and save my self from the back lash!



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