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Fit-ish moms Unite!

I am determined to remain active and mobile despite the fact that it was 94* out side today. No amount of sweltering heat or seemingly endless distances will derail me?...!

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I want a cute diaper bag…

had to explain to my husband why the "diaper bag" had a Steve Madden label and looked more like a tote. It was not easy and I don't think he bought it.

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Support the Staff: Buy School Supplies

A teachers job never ends, they teach at school, grade and prepare at home and all the while have to mediate mood's, emotions, boo boo's and miles stones

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Lets pick and choose the battles

Mostly though I want them to be kids, I want them to enjoy being young because you only get that once

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Survival Tips for hiking with kids!

The Nature potty AKA the bushes: Talk to your kids and ATTEMPT to get them to understand that this is ok.



Noun 1.) The quality of being economical with money or food; thriftiness: "he scorned the finer things in life and valued frugality and simplicity"

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Let’s redefine whats cool.

Because smiling makes us feel better. I always feel like the best version of my self when I am smiling.