Noun 1.) The quality of being economical with money or food; thriftiness:

“he scorned the finer things in life and valued frugality and simplicity”
pineapp .jpg
I wish I could say my thriftiness came along with the birth of my children but even before I had them back when I had money to blow **Day dreams** I still loved to find the best deals I could. Some people are in to hunting animals, I’m into finding a pair of jeans for $5.00 or a SUPER cool couch at habitat $30.00.
I have this one friend WHO I LOVE, we some times (all the time)  walk around our homes and brag about how little we spent on each item of furniture. It’s an un-spoken contest to see who the smartest shopper is… I’m pretty sure it’s a tie though.
When you have a sizable family it is always in your best interest to be smart with your money and realize that some things are best gotten 2nd hand or at a pretty big discount.
Also I am a HUGE believer in the bartering system, I have a handy list of skills (not lady of the night skills, I can make things! ) that have served me well in exchange for items I need.
Don’t be afraid to rehab things. With the wonderful world of Pinterest all around us there is no need to live with any thing ugly! I am 97% sure you can do this! Just jump in.
Also a technique I have learned is if I really want something today I will write it down and think about it for a week, if in a week I still want it I will go and get it or start saving up for it. Most of the time I realize I didn’t want it as bad as I thought.
CRAIGSLIST!!! This website is awesome, every one knows it and it’s usually one of the first places I check if I’m looking for something, that or amazon. Craigslist also does trades which is pretty  cool.
Have a garden. I have never been sorry for doing this. I haven’t had a decent yard to do this in since I have started so that is no excuse I just put out pots and use my patio and I’m not even good with plants, I’m pretty sure I have the black thumb of death but I usually get some herbs and tomatoes out of the deal!
TIP: If you live in or near a city or a swanky area check out the goodwill’s or second hand stores there. I have found some really nice things doing this. Personally I don’t really care about brands or labels but for gifts it is a great resource.
TIP 2: MOST Habitat for humanity’s will negotiate especially if they see you in there periodically.
TIP 3: Flea markets are awesome! The ones that are outside, most of the indoor ones are stolen goods I think… I mean, I’m speculating but I’m pretty sure. I have had my own booths at indoor flea markets and let me tell you it’s hard to compete with .25 cent socks.



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