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Let’s redefine whats cool.

Being cool is:

  • Smiling.

Because smiling makes us feel better. I always feel like the best version of my self when I am smiling.

  • Showing your kids that THING’S aren’t as cool as spending time together.

We don’t have the newest phones or technology BUT you don’t really NEED that when you enjoy the company you keep.

  • Be resourceful instead of being a model consumer.

The kids wanted to go to the water park the other day and we just didn’t have the money so I Macgyvered a slip N slide out of trash bags a sprinkeler system out of water bottles duct tape and the hose and they had the pool we got at Aldie’s for $8 and guess what, they loved it and with in an hour we had 9 neighborhood kids over here playing and they all had a blast.

  • BE HAPPY WITH WHAT YOU HAVE, despite what you have been through.

When you can achieve this you will start to appreciate every thing more. You will discover a higher value in things.

  • Working hard for what you do get, and placing value on the fact that you earned it.

This one I love because I see it rubbing off on the wee ones. They ask for chores and save their money to get specific things. Not only that but my 6 year old has started taking much better care of her things because she actually had to earn it.

  • Giving to others even when you feel like you should have more than you do.

I think it’s just part of the human condition to always want more. I do and it keeps us motivated, but I try my hardest to give what I have to help. To be honest it isn’t usually money that I give it’s my time my brawn usually 馃槈 or things that I have and others need.

Yo THoreau

I was reading an article about how American聽parents are less happy with their lives than the parents in most other country’s. Though that does not surprise me in the least due to our keeping up with the Jonse’s mentality/ our need to posses THINGS rather than memories; I am deeply saddened to see studies and statistics to back it up.

We聽are a single family income home with 3 kids, I pick up side jobs when I can but things are still tight and that is OK because as clich茅d as it聽sounds we聽have each other.聽It聽can be聽stressful at times living with in your means but it is a lot LESS stressful than pretending your means are larger than they actually are.

A few weeks ago we went back to being a one car family because that made us more financially comfortable and ensured that our savings account wouldn’t be in any way jeopardized . I struggled with it at first for sure… even though I don’t leave the house too much with out another adult present ( because my amazing heathen children some times go a little crazy :l ) I still liked the IDEA of being able to leave when ever I wanted.

I liked that we fit the mold of they typical American family HOWEVER when I really thought about it, it wasn’t that huge of a loss. The kids and I can easily walk where ever we need to go. I have been wanting them to spend more time out side any way, not only did we drop a whole car payment but we are saving on insurance too! It was a great responsible decision and I am proud of us for doing it.

Honestly the kids don’t even really notice… they seem to like that we are going on more walks 馃榾


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