Unconventional Parenting

Survival Tips for hiking with kids!

3 in a pod.jpeg

(These are my tiny heathens! Aren’t they just the cutest.)


Today was awesome!

We are SO lucky to live where we do, we are just about an hour’s distance from several state parks so today we went to the natural bridge state park. For 3 1/2 hours the kids KILLED it! I mean, about 20 min in they kind of pooped out and we had to carry them but HEY no one complained about the heat so I’m going to take that as a win!

However it got me thinking about what I want to take with us next time to make it a little more enjoyable. Here is my list!

  • A backpack with lots of compartments.
  • Some good water bottles that will keep your drink cool. One for each person.
  • Band-Aids
  • duct tape (there are TONS of reasons this could come in handy)
  • extra socks (So when their shoes get wet you can at least give them some dry socks.)
  • Put together a list for a scavenger hunt. (It keeps their mind off of being tired)
  • plastic baggies (for all the things they collect)
  • FOOD!!! DO NOT FORGET FOOD. All moods are manageable if you have snacks :D:D
  • A map of your trail, preferably of the whole park. We did NOT have this and ended up taking a SUPER long trail on accident.
  • Toilet paper
  • Camera. (I had mine but I wish I had brought some disposable cameras for the kids. I love seeing their perspective.)
  • Bug repellant! Say no to mosquitos
  • Sun screen
  • Nature book or something that shows poisonous plants and other things you might encounter on the hike.
  • I was wishing I had a child harness/ backpack. I have seen a lot of cool harneses but this one in my opinion seems the most practical. My 2 youngest are 2 and 3 so they can support their own weight not to mention some of the others I have seen are REALLY BIG and bulky.


In the car I kept extra clothes, shoes, diapers, towels more snacks and drinks.

Conversations to have before you go:

The Nature potty AKA the bushes: Talk to your kids and ATTEMPT to get them to understand that this is ok. (my kids are weird and refuse to accept the concept of peeing on the dirt as a viable option…yet they poop in closets at home??? potty training is a B.)

BUGS WILL BE OUTSIDE and this is good. It is their natural habitat and as long as we leave them alone it should be juuuust fine.

Talk to the little people abut how amazing nature is and how as humans we depend on it to help purify the earth. My kids love hearing how things relate to them in their every day life and it’s a great opportunity to talk about how its important to not litter 😉 !


SOOOOOO….. I’m now going to subject you to a wide array of photographs from the hike, consider it motivation to get out and look around (but really I’m just happy with the shots I got and I want to show them off!).

Your welcome





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