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Lets pick and choose the battles


“Look mommy, I’m pretty!”

Yes she was! She made her self pretty and my chair and the table and the floor pretty as well but she wanted to be like me and paint every thing! How can I be upset?

I am by no means a perfect mother, however I have a philosophy I like (Keep reading ill tell you.) and an endless amount of love to give to these babies. Here are my non-negotiable rules:

  • always be kind
  • never be rude
  • you must be respectful (of people and things)
  • no lying
  • do not put your self or others in danger
  • please don’t bite any one, especially in public

To enforce these rules I have a simple plan of attack. The 1,2,3 method (you must call out the numbers) , however it only works if you do it right and mean business.

1.) You have been warned. Stop all naughty behavior.

2.) I am getting up an walking towards you with intent to whop your bottom.

3.) I have whooped your bottom and you could have prevented this! Next time listen.

To be honest, since they know I will follow through I rarely have to go past 2.

(The philosophy I adhere to below)

Mostly though I want them to be kids, I want them to enjoy being young because you only get that once, I want them to be who they are because it’s hard enough to maintain that as an adult I want no part in squelching their personalities. They will have to figure a lot of things out for them selves and all I can do is guide them and instill a solid moral foundation with lots of love and acceptance.


For example we always always give kisses to those with booboo’s

As long as they stick to the main rules I am flexible and open to as much fun as we can squeeze into any given day. I have found when you have too many rules you just end up yelling all the time. Which makes you unhappy, it makes them unhappy and that just isn’t any fun at all.


Being a parent comes with it’s difficulties just like any job does but when you accept certain things to be the undeniable truth it get’s easier.

  • Your house will be messy. Seriously, don’t stress over it.

  • They will always want your attention. Because they love you, and isn’t that the point of all this. Accept “mommy, mommy, mommy, mommy..”” as a compliment no matter how much you think it might make your head explode.

  • You are practically a walking jungle gym, just protect your face.

  • There will totally be bad days, but with out a shadow of a doubt there will be far more better days.

  • They will grow up SOOO fast. If you miss out on what’s happening now for what ever reason there is no getting it back. Make sure it’s worth it.

  • You will be pee’d and or pooped on. It happens to the best of us.


  • only make rules you are willing to enforce, other wise they will smell weakness and capitalize on the fact that your being lazy…trust me on this one.


Good luck fellow parents… may the odd’s be ever in your favor.



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