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Support the Staff: Buy School Supplies

I know enough teachers and have heard enough sad stories to understand how important it is to purchase school supplies for our children and support the staff that we entrust with the education of our babies.

When ever I want to gripe about the price of the supplies I’m required to purchase I think to my self all the amazing things my daughter brings home from school, or the fact that there are between 17-20 children per room and this list is divided among the entire class. It wouldn’t be fair to ask a teacher to purchase all the supplies them selves.

A teachers job never ends, they teach at school, grade and prepare at home and all the while have to mediate mood’s, emotions, boo boo’s and miles stones. I am in awe of the people that have made my child love learning.

Sophie looks up to her teachers SOO much! In fact when ever I am having trouble getting her to listen to me I will resort to this fail safe method:

M-  “Now what would your teacher say about the way you are acting?”

S- “…She would say you get what you get, don’t throw a fit…”

M- “Would you act like this at school?”

S- “No”


It’s pretty sweet I’m not going to lie. This saves me so much time to just take that rout and for this (among many reasons) I am grateful to the Lemons Mill elementary school. Sophie has such a high level of respect for every one there.

*last year one of the items on the list was 20 glue sticks….I definitely thought that meant HOT GLUE sticks and that’s what I sent :/ Sorry Mrs. Snyder! Sophie pointed out the proper glue for me this year*


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