Unconventional Parenting

I want a cute diaper bag…



You know how you see those super cool moms walking around with their cute little compartmentalized diaper bags that look like (and probably are) just large ultra fancy purse’s…. I was supposed to be that mom!!! I got the purse/diaper bag! I ordered it off of amazon, had to explain to my husband why the “diaper bag” had a Steve Madden label and looked more like a tote. It was not easy and I don’t think he bought it.


Despite my VERY best efforts to make that adorable bag work I could not fit even the barest of essentials for 3 children in there… You know what I have to use now…. A duffle bag.  A Cubs themed duffle bag, and if we are going some where I can’t bring it with I shove emergency essentials in my Marry Poppins expandable purse. Its funny how we change when more is added to our plate.


Efficiency is now key rather then being chic.


Let me tell you there is nothing cool or chic about trying to grab your wallet out of your purse at the gas station and having to pull out 3 diapers and spare bumblebee transformer before you can get to it. At least when I am paying for my jumbo Red Bull I don’t get judgy *that’s too much caffeine for one person eyes* I get *Are you sure you don’t want an extra for the road* eyes.

If by some miracle I can manage to combine the two (chic and efficient), it’s a great day but I can’t tell you how many times it took me so long to dress and shoe the kids I forgot to put on my own shoes and only remembered because the gas pedal felt weird on my bare foot.

I know the day will come when I can once again wear a v-neck T-shirt in public and not have to worry about my son trying to climb inside the bottom of the shirt exposing my ta-tas to all of Kroger’s while yelling, “Let me in!! I want back in!!”

…right…that day does come doesn’t it?

Until then I will just be the mildly prepared mom who may or may not be wearing shoes at the gas station trying to buy caffeine with a transformer toy.


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