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Fit-ish moms Unite!

I am determined to remain active and mobile despite the fact that it was 94* out side today. No amount of sweltering heat or seemingly endless distances will derail me?…!

As you may or may not know I have been in the market for a double jogging stroller recently. Only draw back is they retail for $200+ . Eek however, with help from my mother in law (meaning SHE found it on Craigslist and SHE picked it up from the lady selling it) I was able to get one for $30.00!!! AND IM PUMPED!!!

Double Strollers -

This means now I can really get out off the side walk and that’s pretty huge for me. You should see this baby go down stairs! It’s a bit of a bumpy ride but that’s 1/2 the fun right!

Since I have been trying to get the family outside more I am having to get creative with my methods, simply throwing a ball outside and saying “play” isn’t cutting it these days. I have to trick them into having fun. If you have friends that like being out side and dying in the one of a kind Kentucky humidity it helps! Convince them that the weather is a right of passage.

I find its best to break it down into the times of day since it determines how hot it is going to be.

Morning and early afternoon:

  • Hiking
  • Sports of any kind
  • Obstacle courses
  • Tree climbing
  • Jogging/exploration/dog walking
  • Scootering and all matter of wheeled apparatuses
  • Out door play dates (because everything is better with more people)

Mid Day

  • Pool/any and all water fun. Includes but not limited to slip n’ slide, sprinklers, water balloon fight, water hose freeze tag…etc.
  • Build a tent/blanket fort
  • Pick nick (My kids LOVE pick nicks and will brave just about any weather for one.)
  • Exploring in the forest or any covered area.

Late afternoon to early evening

(The purpose of these activities to WEAR THEM OUT. An easy bed time is a happy bed time.)

  • Trampoline
  • Playground
  • Simon Says (RUUUUN)
  • Any activities listed for morning’s
  • Freeze tag


I recently came into possession of a wave board… my husband has made it very clear that I look silly trying to ride it and refuses to be seen with me while I practice DESPITE the fact that I hardly fall any more! To be honest all that makes me want to do is go to his work and practice in the parking lot wearing sweat bands and knee high socks hehehe… BUT the kids love the fact that I get out there with them and try my hardest to learn something new no matter how ridiculous I look or how many times I fall down. As long as they are still willing to be seen with me I’m good right…. so I figure I have about **looks at calendar** about 4 more years before they refuse to hang out with me.




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