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To the Brave Ones


I know quite a few people that are making some really big scary decisions right now and having just gone through that myself I thought I would share some very important truths with you.


  • Each and everyone of you are amazing you are strong and you are capable.


  • You are warriors in this world facing things I never have and each time Rising far above the odds and crushing it like the bosses that you are. You can do this to.


  • You are never alone, there are so many people in this world that adore you and would literally do anything for you. All you ever have to do is call.


  • There’s a lesson in everything and it makes us all stronger. take these trials and hardships and let them guide you.


  • People who are openly and freely mean and hurtful to you are unhappy with themselves. It’s not a reflection of you it’s a reflection of them. Let that roll off of you. You can always walk away from that, they can’t.


  • Saying goodbye to something you have always known to be a comfort is scary and uncertain BUT it means you’re brave enough to not risk regret. When Adventure calls you answer with a smile and there are so many people that aren’t willing to do that. I am in awe of you.


Each and everyone of you inspires me, encourages me, and empowers me. Thank you for standing tall, looking fear in the eye and accepting a challenge. You all will do great things with your life as you already have, each one of you are unforgettable, bright Souls that burn with fervor don’t let any obstacles in your life dim your light. I look up to you as many do.

Your success makes me feel like I can achieve anything and your losses remind me of why we never stop fighting for the things we believe in.

I hope you blaze on your journey taking no prisoners and exceeding your own expectations. I know you all will. I know not one of you will settle for less than you deserve and embraced every opportunity like a pro.

Good luck!


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