Keratosis pilaris:gluten intolerance?


My oldest daughter has keratosis pilaris, which essentially is just a build up of keratin creating a bumpy rash on her upper arms (and cheeks when it gets bad) according to the doctor and world wide web it is very common (and most out grow it by AGE 30) but upon doing more research it’s a common symptom of gluten sensitivity.

That in combination with her sensitive stomach and general nature has me asking the question “what if the near constant rash in 50 percent of adolescent females is directly related to what we are all eating. “

Now we are a pretty healthy family . We all eat alot of veggies but we also consume alot of bread, pasta, rice and things like that. The testing for gluten intolerance is invasive to say the least, a biopsy of the intestines is involved so we aren’t doing testing just yet.

We are however eliminating as much gluten as possible from our diet for a few month’s to see if that makes a difference. Young children have enough to deal with with out the added difficulty of preventable skin conditions.

There is a lot of debate about wether or not the two are related however isn’t it our obligation as parents to explore all possible causes?

That being said it’s a pain….Some days I miss the gluten-y goodness so much I hop on Pinterest and just look at all the food I cant eat any more. I don’t pin it…I just dream.

HOWEVER we have all lost weight, we are eating healthier than ever and tantrums in the house have gone WAY down. Yes, I definitely notice a connection between good food and good behavior!


So I have been **Experimenting** allot! I’ve had some hits and some misses :S and I have decided to start sharing some of my biggest hits with you all. So far the biggest loss for the kids (Sophie especially with her school lunches) has been sandwiches. HOWEVER they make (or you can make) gluten-free tortillas. They have been a life saver! It has eased the transition extremely well! Not to mention you can hide lots of good healthy things in the middle where they cant see! hehehe.


This is a topic I could probably talk for days about. I am in fact fighting the urge to take this post in about 20 different directions. *deep breaths* I will be writing more about this later though!!

If  you have any gluten free kid approved recipes feel free to share in the comments!



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