Unconventional Parenting

Today’s parenting wisdom’s

  • Never trust a kid to get you toilet paper they will just end up blowing balloons in the living room for 30 minutes.


  • If your child is into Transformers do let them watch Transformer toy videos. Those things are like a never-ending Rubik’s Cubes.


  • If you think it’s safe to take a quick shower because everyone is occupied at the moment it is not. It is never safe. Shower at your own risk.


  • Don’t be afraid to use bribery to get your kids to behave, just choose the right bribe so their expectations aren’t too high (and you don’t go broke or inadvertently raise monsters)


  • Don’t Be a Jerk! We were at the library the other day and there was a lady with 3 small kids, one was crying. The lady in front of her turned around, made a snarky remark an ugly look and then turn back around. We walked over cheered up the crying baby and made some new friends. Don’t try to make people feel worse or more stress than they already are.


  • When kids say they are hungry every hour on the hour they really just want to see the monkey (you) dance. Don’t be the monkey.

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