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Food for thought.


For as long as I can remember I have tried to lose weight and be healthy but if I’m being honest what I was actually doing wasn’t healthy at all. I ate very little and worked out a lot while relying on energy pills/drinks to keep me going. Since I have had my children though it hasn’t really been the same. #1. I don’t want them to do what I did. #2. My body just doesn’t work like that any more. I NEED FOOD. #3. I’m getting older and the fact that my family history of health issues is lengthy is hitting home.

I want to really be healthy, not just the façade of health. Each year we get a little closer, cutting out quick processed fixes and treats which I’m proud of however I recently suspected my daughter of being gluten intolerant which got me looking at labels and that got me watching documentary’s and asking questions about things I never even considered to be an issue.

I’m seeing scientific research that blatantly shows the correlations between illnesses and high consumption of certain foods and it is scary to say the least.

This house is about to have a serious life style change and I will be sharing the information that I have learned. Recipes that are good, that kids and husbands actually LIKE and eat with out complaint.

I will have unofficial focus groups and unwilling subjects ( you have been warned friends and family that eat at my house :P) to prove that a relatively plant based diet can be affordable and delicious. I would love to go through this journey with you! Support is key especially with commitments such as this, there will be those moments when the kids are clawing at my face and using emotional blackmail to have that Oh so tasty bag of chocolate doughnuts at the grocery store and I will need to harness the strength of others to get through the isle strong and proud.

In my next post I will be going through our grocery budget which $400 a month for a family of 5 which breaks down to about $20 a person with little to no waste at the end of each week, snack ideas that are cost effective, delicious and healthy that we already implement on the daily. Lot’s of good stuff! 😉 So stay tuned, feel free to make suggestions and share what works for you!



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