Easy DIY Pillow Cases

Pretty DIY Envelope pillow

If you are anything like me you REFUSE to pay $30.00(+) per throw pillow for your couch! I love pillows and blankets in the living room and I tend to change my textiles seasonally so I always prefer to buy cases and duvets not to mention they are so much easier to clean when you have kids and pets running around.

For this project I purchased 4 yards in total, 2 yards of 2 different fabrics at $7.94 a yard and ended up with 8 pillows, so $31.76 in fabric all together and $3.97 for each pillow. Not a bad deal. Really, I could have only purchased 1 yard of each and had enough for the couch but since I had it I used it.

I also picked up 10 bundles of embroidery thread for the tassels at .50 a piece but that’s because I have a weird obsession with tassels and pom-poms right now… :S

Now I got all of this at Walmart because I didn’t feel like driving to Hobby Lobby but I’m sure you could find better deals on fabric there, they usually have pretty great sales not to mention that ever present 40% off coupon… don’t forget it people! You can pull it up on your phone at the check out! Just type in Hobby Lobby Coupon in your search engine and it pops right up!

Instead of adding zippers or ties I did a very simple envelope cover. I like how it looks, it’s very clean and straight forward.


Step 1.

I folded my fabric in 1/2, measured my pillow and added a 1/2″ for the seam allowance. Also, if you cut your fabric longer than needed you can just have a deeper fold, which I prefer any way.  It is worth mentioning that when I folded my fabric before cutting I made sure that I would only have to sew the 2 outside edges together. I basically ended up with one very long rectangle.


Step 2.

Once your fabric is cut go ahead and hem all of your edges. At this point I just went ahead and did all of the edges for all of the pillows at once.


Step 3.

MAKING SURE your fabric is inside out, wrap you fabric around your pillow so you can decide where you want your over lap to lay. In this photo the overlap was rather narrow. Most of the pillows I made had more of a 4 inch overlap (less of a chance of your pillow showing through.) once you have your fold positioned the way you like it remove your pillow and pin the fabric together.


Step 4. (Optional)

If you are adding trim or tassels this is where you can add it. While the fabric is inside out I popped my tassel inside the pillow case (where the fabric is right side up) pinned and sewed it all shut! Super simple!


Once all of your pillows are sewed up flip them right side out and get your pillow inside! VIOLA! I paid $36.00 for 8 pillows that I really like, I couldn’t be more happy with them!



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