D.I.Y. Bedroom Storage.

We recently bought an old farm house built in 1900, it is awesome and beautiful and everything Ryan and I have ever  wanted in a home, HOWEVER there are a few things about our very old house that need some finangeling….the lack of over all storage space happens to be one of them; Specifically my bedroom. Seeing how Ryan and I both have a fair amount of clothes, my anxiety blossoms into full blown panic attack when I visualized my self staring at 10,000 articles of clothing jam packed into one tiny non-functional space.

Luckily, the last IKEA trip I made I miscounted the amount of windows that needed curtains and accidentally bought a few too many curtains and rods so I was able to add them to my makeshift closet supply pile, we are one short week away from moving in and I HAD to get something functional and appealing up asap!

Supplies I have handy:

3 extra curtain rods

2 sets of extra curtains

3 long shutters I painted white

6 brackets

1 spare dresser painted white

The first thing I did was locate the studs in my longest wall and screwed in all of the brackets. Measure out your space and be sure each set of brackets is level other wise you will end up with wonky shelfs :/ no one wants their freshly washed clothes rolling directly onto a dusty floor.

Next I attached each shelf to the brackets making sure to use my level. I have NEVER in my life used a level more than I  have in the last couple of weeks​!!

IMG_7903At this point I put some screws into the celling and suspended a curtain rod across the length of the shelf’s so I don’t have to look at my clothes every time I walk into the room! I had an extra set of white curtains so that’s what I used! 20170524_190542

BAM! Done with that part.

Next order of business was the dresser. This poor dresser has been painted 4 times in the 6 months I have had it :S I can’t seem to make up my mind but this time I think I like it.


After sanding it down and painting it white I decided to do a yellow stencil on top of it to get a little color in the room.

Since I don’t have any outlets in my tiny master bath (who in their right mind neglects to put a single outlet in a bathroom?!?) I need to give my self an area for hair and makeup storage. This is what my dresser will be for!



Last but not least I need hanging clothes storage, which brings me to this endearing pass through between my bedroom and the kids room. There is about a 1 1/2 foot gap between the 2 rooms so I hung 2 rods again suspending them from the celling but also bracing them with scraps of wood rights bellow where the rod touches the wall on the sides. Inside the door frame I hung one more rod to hang a curtain to block the view.

closet .jpegcloset3I must say I am pretty happy with the outcome! Now Ryan and I have a TON of storage but I don’t feel like I had to give anything up as far as taste and space go!


So this is our bed room for now! Cozy and comfy Especially with our new pillow topper! Btw, every one needs a pillow topper…seriously my life has been forever changed.

You should definitely check back here Monday! I will be showing you all what I did with the kids woodland themed bedroom! Horary!


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