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DIY Violet and Gardenia Bed Spray

THIS STUFF IS AMAZING!!! There is nothing wrong with lavender bed spray but this mix is WAY better! Its floral, yet understated and lovely in every way. It is a little more delicate and interesting! There are few things that parallel the enjoyment I get from falling into a perfectly made, fluffy fragrant bed at the… Continue reading DIY Violet and Gardenia Bed Spray


$25.00 DIY Kitchen Up-grade

  Never in my life have I lived in a home that has cabinet pulls. We have always rented and we couldn't alter their<-(I'm referring to the universal land lord that rules over all renters) kitchen in any way! So as soon as we signed the papers on our home the first thing I did was order some… Continue reading $25.00 DIY Kitchen Up-grade

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Woodland themed bedroom

My two youngest kids are sharing a room right now, and they probably will for quite a while longer. They have juristically different personalities but they both love cute animals and bugs so naturally I thought woodland theme for their room. Not at all because I am looking for an excuse to make some mushroom… Continue reading Woodland themed bedroom