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Woodland themed bedroom


My two youngest kids are sharing a room right now, and they probably will for quite a while longer. They have juristically different personalities but they both love cute animals and bugs so naturally I thought woodland theme for their room. Not at all because I am looking for an excuse to make some mushroom stools and some cute stuffed animals!

I picked up some duvet covers at Ikea for about $15-$20 each, they weren’t exclusively woodland themed but there were some animals in there and the colors were spot on for the vibe of the room.

A couple of weeks ago I had put together an origami bird mobile in front of their window but the room still needed a bit more Pizzaz so I took to Pinterest for ideas.


bb2_editedOnce I decided on the birch trees for the wall behind their beds I busted out my masking tape. Apparently I have been over zealous in my preparation because I had about 10 rolls of the stuff! :D:D There is no better feeling than being overly prepared for spontaneous projects, that rarely ever happens to me.


  • Masking tape

  • White paint

  • paint brush/roller

This project was was SO EASY!

With the help of my ladder I just ran the masking tape up and down the was so that it resembled the shape of a tree. Once I got all of the trees done I went back through and ran ripped up strips of masking tape horizontally through so they would be distinguishably birch.



It took me about a 1/2 hour to get all of the taping done, once that was finished I went ahead and painted the trees white. I used a left over gallon I had in the basement, it didn’t take much at all.

Once the paint was dry I remove all of the tape and was left with this super cute accent wall!


All in all I didn’t spend a dime on this project! I had the supplies I needed which were white paint, masking tape and paint brushes! I did also have a ladder but a chair would have worked just fine. Assuming you don’t have the supplies needed I would suggest the dollar store for the tape and brushes and habitat for humanity for a gallon of white paint. That is where I get MOST of my project paints, a 1/2 gallon is $3.oo and a full gallon is $5.oo.

If you decide to do this project I hope you go at it confidently! The whole thing took 2 about hours and it made a huge difference in the appeal of their room! The kids absolutely love it!


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