$25.00 DIY Kitchen Up-grade



Never in my life have I lived in a home that has cabinet pulls. We have always rented and we couldn’t alter their<-(I’m referring to the universal land lord that rules over all renters) kitchen in any way! So as soon as we signed the papers on our home the first thing I did was order some off of amazon. I love them so much I thought I would share the glory of my $25.00 find because I know they can get quite pricy!

They are sturdy and amazing and shiny and I feel super fancy when I am opening my cabinets. If thats all it takes for me to feel that fancy every day then I think it was $25.00 well spent! Not to mention installing them made me feel incredibly capable! It was absolutely a confidence boost.

Supply list

  • Handles and screws

If you want to see the handles I purchased click here

  • Drill with pilot hole attachment
  • pencil
  • ruler or something to measure with
  • level

Ok. So this is my hum-drum kitchen before my pulls, its pretty for sure…but she is lady with out lipstick.


And here is a shot of the little beauties getting ready for action. They came with the screws that went through the back of the cabinet and held them in the door, so that was no extra expense.



This is when things started getting serious, I busted out my incredibly accurate measuring tool so they were all placed at exactly the same distance from the top.


After I got the handle exactly where I wanted it I drew a circle around the part that attached to the actual cabinet and drilled my pilot hole dead center. I also used my Super handy, every present level to make extra sure that no mistakes were made.


I did this about 22 times and I was done! I even got little miss Sophia to help me out!


Once they were all done we opened and shut every cabinet about 10 time just for the sheer joy of it!







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