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DIY Violet and Gardenia Bed Spray


There is nothing wrong with lavender bed spray but this mix is WAY better! Its floral, yet understated and lovely in every way. It is a little more delicate and interesting!

There are few things that parallel the enjoyment I get from falling into a perfectly made, fluffy fragrant bed at the end of the day! We work hard around here and the beating Ryan and I get from the kids throughout the day I think justifies a little extra comfort at night. lol

For the last few years I though it was my bed hurting my back…apparently it was just 3 pairs of tiny feet digging into my spine :S:S

A while back I got a bunch of essential oil off of amazon and I’m SO glad I did!! I use them for everything from home made lotions, body scrubs to house sprays and bug repellents but today I wanted to share the bed spray I made for all of us!

One of the things I purchased was a floral fragrance kit from P&J. It came with 6 organic therapeutic grade oils which is awesome if you don’t know exactly what you like just yet. I got it here for $15.95! It has lasted FOREVER! I will also mention it comes in a really pretty box, which definitely boosted it appeal for me. I almost always order from this brand.

The next thing I used was Thayers Rose Petal and Which Hazel with aloe Vera. It is great for soo many things I use it every day as a toner, to help with dark circles around the eyes and to help sterilize boo-boo’s. I added an ounce to my bed spray to help keep things clean and non grimy in between sheet washing day.

Last but not least you will want a spray bottle, I got mine at IKEA the last time I was there for $1.00 but you can get them anywhere super cheap. Now technically your supposed get one that has a dark tinted glass so that your oil doesn’t break down however I just put my bottle in the closet where I keep extra bedding. Its nice and dark in there.

From the kit I used the Violet oil and Gardenia oil about 60 drops of each, one ounce of the rose petal and which hazel  and 20 oz of distilled water.


I made a BIG bottle of this stuff because the kids like to spray it on their bed right before bed time every night **Proud mommy moment** and I like the smell to linger so I chose to make mine a little on the concentrated side. Its everything I have ever wanted in a bed spray!

I hope you try it and enjoy it!






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