How we saved money for home repairs.

We got to enjoy a full 48 hours of our beautiful new home before we were hit with the reality of home ownership. If something breaks you get the honor of fixing it! Which is cool, there is nothing like a good repair to make something truly feel like it is yours :D:D HOWEVER we have inherited a large pluming problem. The main pipe that runs from the upstairs bathroom (the only one that has a bathtub) is draining directly into our basement and thus far the estimated cost to fix that will be somewhere between $4000-6000.

It could be a lot worse though, had we not found out about it so soon and continued to use the bathroom the whole house would have smelled like sewer and we would have been having to fix a few more issues.

SOoooooOOoO that means in order to afford the pluming bill a few other areas will have to give.

What we are doing to save money every month.

  • Hang drying all of our clothes

To fit the dryer in the basement with the washer we were going to have to take the frame off of the cellar door, and we figured just not using it could help save a ton of money on our monthly bill. I will keep you up to date on exactly how much that saves us! Ryan ran 5 hanging lines in a very inconspicuous area of the yard so our delicates cant be seen from the road 🙂

(This has saved us about $75.00 a month in electric.)


  • General Electric Use

I am notoriously bad about turning every light in the house on and leaving them on all day, what can I say I really like it bright, but now I have to get better about leaving lights off during the day and only using what I have to at night.


  • Limit spur of the moment purchases

I have this super cool notebook function on my phone like most people do, every time I think of something I would really like to have or need for a project I put it in my list of wants and through out the week I will edit the list based on priority. It helps ALOT! I love to shop. So much. So for me to cut back on irrational non-necessity purchases is a big deal!

  • Trade and barter

If you have a product or skill you can exchange for something its a great resource! I have friends with eggs who need the excessive about of pasties and bread Ryan brings home.  I have traded paintings for blank canvases and most of the time it works out in my benefit to work things out like that! Not to mention it fun, who knows what you will end up with.

  • Second hand shopping

Stores like good will, habitat for humanity re-store and yard sales have been such a life saver! There is the adventure of the hunt, the surprise and pure joy when you find great deals and it is budget friendly.

  • Furniture Swap

Most of the women in my family redecorate seasonally, something about the pull of the moon and underwater currants but it supposed to be very good for your mind and body to rotate furniture ( Clean out all the grime) and put up pretty new things that represent the season. This being said no one has the money to go out and buy new decore every couple of months  soo we all keep extra decore items and furniture where ever we can and trade with one another when we want something different. This has been an awesome set up that saves us ALOT of money.



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