Hey every one! My name is Bri, I am a wife, stay at home mother and to the core an artist who is married to the most wonderful man, he is the doting father of our three children, a Restaurant manager and a very gifted musician. We moved out here (to Georgetown KY) 2 years ago, on accident really. We couldn’t find a place where Ryan was working so we took a chance here and let me tell you, Georgetown is about as great as smallish towns get!

bumbleI cant express how lucky I am that I found a man that accepts that there will most likely be paint on some of the plates in the kitchen because I used them as paint pallets, or that some days I might be constructing giant animal heads in the back yard out of chicken wire and paper mache just to see if I could. In our bedroom I currently have 3 giant (cat sized) bumble bee’s hanging out on top of my book shelf because I woke up one morning with the urge to experiment with spray foam and plaster. Some times I feel a little bad for him, but hey… at least I’m not boring ūüėÄ


ryan and sophoe    Our wee ones are Sophia, Miles and Reagan. With out them our life would be boring and lackluster, their joy and appreciation remind me to calm down and to be thankful for all of the little things I would other wise just blow past. They make me young and old, they challenge me to not be lazy and always try harder. They are my little barefoot hippy children that usually smell like sunshine and dirt. These children are the light of my life and they give me a sense of purpose, absolute direction and a previously absent back bone of steal.

mIles                             reagan .jpg

So pretty much, that’s us, me…¬†we thrive on love and acceptance. We always try our hardest accept that perfection is a motivational factor and not a tangible goal and that as long as we have each other than we are well off.