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Woodland themed bedroom

My two youngest kids are sharing a room right now, and they probably will for quite a while longer. They have juristically different personalities but they both love cute animals and bugs so naturally I thought woodland theme for their room. Not at all because I am looking for an excuse to make some mushroom… Continue reading Woodland themed bedroom

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Let’s redefine whats cool.

Because smiling makes us feel better. I always feel like the best version of my self when I am smiling.

House and home, projects

Kids Room Wall Art

My original thought of doing oversized comic book art although well intended was NOT well received! They wanted an ocean scape...*weird face* That's really not my thing, BUT  that's what they want and it is their room after all! To compromise we settled on a ocean themed search and find! Let me tell you, these… Continue reading Kids Room Wall Art

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Storage for the renter.

As a renter you have you to get comfortable with putting holes in the walls, find your studs pull out your drill and make the space work for you.