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DIY Violet and Gardenia Bed Spray

THIS STUFF IS AMAZING!!! There is nothing wrong with lavender bed spray but this mix is WAY better! Its floral, yet understated and lovely in every way. It is a¬†little more delicate and interesting! There are few things that parallel the enjoyment I get from falling into a perfectly made, fluffy fragrant bed at the… Continue reading DIY Violet and Gardenia Bed Spray

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To the Brave Ones

Each and everyone of you inspires me, encourages me, and empowers me. Thank you for standing tall, looking fear in the eye and accepting a challenge.

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Organic Relaxation

This never ending horrible month has done a number on me. Between vital technology dying and just bad luck I have decided that I have definitely been hexed/cursed/voo-do-dolled or been the victim of a horrible JUJU attack! SOOOO I decided to DEEP clean the entire house starting in the kitchen ending by flipping my mattress… Continue reading Organic Relaxation

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my computer was recently savagely murdered my tiny 2 year old, lets just say she is lucky she's adorable