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Lets pick and choose the battles

Mostly though I want them to be kids, I want them to enjoy being young because you only get that once

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Let’s redefine whats cool.

Because smiling makes us feel better. I always feel like the best version of my self when I am smiling.

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The choices we make.

Every single day we are faced with choices. Big and small easy and hard. Recently I have been looking at a bunch of what feels to me to be very difficult ones. Choices that put me WAAAYYYY out of my comfort zone, choices that are in a lot of ways no win. At the end… Continue reading The choices we make.

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Officially 30

and then there is always that one possibility... "Maybe I don't know enough about the situation to have an opinion."

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being alone.

Ive got to say I love being alone. I know I need to socialize and network and meet people and not just for me but because it makes life more interesting for my kids AND I am trying┬ábut times like this right now where the kids are asleep, ryan is at work and I am… Continue reading being alone.

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Problems with food

I was on pintrest this afternoon, and i saw a "thinsperation" pin on my feed that just looked too thin, so I clicked on it to see what was up. It turned out to be a pro-anna link and it made me so sad... In my early 20's I developed terrible eating habits that slowly… Continue reading Problems with food

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On being a little differnt.

When you find your solid foundation, what ever it may be it gives you strength to care less about what people who don't know you think.

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Serieous Adulting

I need to be told no every now and then and now its me telling my self no.

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Stuffed Fish!


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Thought VS Reality

Working on commission vs making what you like and selling.